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Technomate Tutorials

16-05-09, 18:08
How to add a satellite to the TM5000usb series

How to add a satellite to the TM5200usb,{all TM5000usb series}
2/change motor control to 1.2 & press ok
3/select & name a new satellite from spare satellites at the end of the list,
4/enter transponder data for one Tp ,
5/now go back to USALS to enter satellite position & press ok
You now have a new satellite all that remains for you to do is build up the data base via FlySat Sat List or by a blind scan,
If you wanted to add Eurobird-9 @ 9 east & Eurobird-4 @ 4 east you can load the latest software then do a factory reset as all new satellites are in the data base of the TM5000usb series(5200,5300,5400,5600},
To add Astra 5A @ 31.5 east just change the data of Optus A3.

16-05-09, 18:10
How to Input Key,s into Techno 7755-1000-1500

Just a little note: I see a lot of people get confused every time new keys come out on whatever Channel ( Digi TV ect).
In the Key Section – The Keys are given on ---- Line 00 or 01

Note: Example:

Technomate 1500 CI+ & Tech 1000

LINE 00 .......................This is line 10 and 11 on Techno 1500ci+.
LINE 01 .......................This is line 20 and 21 on Techno 1500ci+.

Note: Example: Technomate 7755

LINE 00………………….. This is Line 00 and 01 on Techno 7755.
LINE 01………………….. This is Line 02 and 03 on Techno 7755.

Ch code … N2. (Nagravision) Digi TV (2111)

This saves the hard work of selecting -

Menu, Cas keys , nagravision and so on.

How do I activate Digi TV select a Digi TV channel >>

1)Mute >>>
3)OK >>>
4)select and change key>>>
then repeat procedure to change next key.

Finally YES to exit & save.

How do I activate Biss and Dcw keys on Tec 1500 & 1000

To enter biss keys on Technomate 1500 CI+ & Tech 1000

1) Go to the biss channel
2) Press 8280
3) Enter codes on free line.
4) Finally YES to exit & save.

16-05-09, 18:10
Entering Biss/DCW code on TM1000 series & TM5200-5600

For quick access to the Biss menu select 8280 on your remote control,
You only have to enter the 1st 16 letter's & numerals if there only 16 duplicated, if there are 32 that do not duplicate the 1st 16 then you will have to enter them all, otherwise with just 16 the other 16 will automatically be entered by your Technomate you will find that 2 pairs will change after you enter the keys then go back to view this is a calculation setting & should be ignored just enter the 16 keys in the Biss menu as you see them in the keys section,
When you enter a code in Biss only enter the 16 characters ignore the ident 1F FF
& just enter the 16 or 32 HEX Keys as you see them,
If you get no sound just change channels then go back & it will clear,
The 1st 16 characters are for vision the 2nd 16 are for sound,

Same for DCW/CCW 32 HEX keys

16-05-09, 18:21
Easy installation guide TM1000/5000 series

This receiver is fully tuned and configured with 25 satellite and 1500 channels.
Turn on the receiver select the language, then press satellite button on your remote select the satellite you want, press ok,, to select any channel,, press ok to view .If 25 satellite are too many then go to
Installation press ok ok again use arrow R/L on your remote select the satellite you want,
to delete, press blue button on your remote.

How to install a new satellite (fixed non-motorised system)

Go to system setting press ok scrawl down to factory reset press ok punch 0000 got to factory reset
Press Ok select yes. Then fallow below instruction.
Press ok on the installation, ok again on the satellite setup.OK again a list of satellite will appear . Use the left or right arrows on the remote and select a satellite press Yellow button to save
Press Exit to satellite setup. When the Quality progress Bar is at its highest level, press the red
button on the remote to tune. To view all channels press OK in view then select any channel displayed
on the left-hand side with no $ sign Ok again. To view $ (Scrambled) channels, a cam {Decoder}
is required and a viewing card,

How to setup a Monoblock or DiSEqC Switch

Press Menu on the remote.
Press OK on Installation. Press OK on the satellite setup.ok again A list of satellite
names will appear. Select a satellite (e.g. Hotbird and Astra19e). Press yellow button on the remote to save, Press Exit. Go to DiSEqC Switching and
select a satellite (e.g. Hotbird as number 1 and Astra19East as number 2). When
the Quality Bar is at its highest level in each satellite,If above installation is not
success full select 13e as number 2 and 19e as number 1, press the red button on the
remote to tune. To view all channels , press OK, on the channels with no $ sign.
To view $ (Scrambled) channels, a cam is required (decoder) and a viewing card.

How to motorise 25 satellite in USALS less then 60 seconds

This receiver is fully tuned and configured with 25 satellites/1500 channels, Do not change any setting.
After external installation completed ,Go to installation press ok then go to motorized press ok
Go to disequc motor use L/R arrow on the remote select USALS then go to position setting press ok
Go to antenna longitude press 000.5W for south of uk then go to antenna latitude punch 051.5N
press exit once then scrawl down to GOTO press ok, dish will start moving to your selected satellite Example:Hotbird
When one satellite is found then all selected satellites are full configured for motorized.
If signal quality is week , go to longitude add or deduct numbers example; 000.1/2/3/4 w or 000.1/2/3/4E
Each number you select go to GO TO and press ok until you achieve highest signal quality
Longitude/Latitude may vary in different area, but start using above instruction ,once you got the best signal then use your local coordinate setting .

How to Setup a Motorised DiSEqC 1.2 System

This receiver is fully tuned and configured with 25 satellites/1500 channels , Do not change any setting.
Press Menu on the remote Press ok go to Motorised setting,,Go to third line { Diseqc motor } Use L/R on your remote select 1.2 go to Move press and hold L or R arrow on your remote until you see signal/quality more than 40% go to save press ok to save,Press the red button on the remote. To tune
If signal does not appear, make sure the transponder is Active. {List of active transponders is available in this book.
To motorize more satellites, Repeat as above,

For Personalised motorized installation USALS/Diseqc 1.2

Press menu on the remote Go to system setting press ok scrawl down to factory reset press ok punch 0000 get to factory reset, Press Ok select yes.
To make sure the installation is successful, you should have an Active Transponder on
the first transponder of any satellite (an Active Transponder list is located in this manual)

How to Setup a Motorised Diseqc 1.2

Press OK on the installation. Press OK on the satellite setup . ok again on the satellite A list of satellite
will appear. Select a satellite (e.g. Intel elsat707/Hotbird and more)
Press yellow button to save, Press Exit ,.Go to the motorised setting.Press ok,Ok again select the a satellite from the list press ok ,Go to line 3 and << >> and select 1.2 then scrawl down to MOVE press and hold L or R arrow on the remote until you see signal quality above 40% then scroll down to save press ok to save,press red button on the remote to tune.
If you have not achieved this successfully, then the external installation need adjusting.

16-05-09, 18:22
How to use Softcam for TM

1) The softcam is used, by downloading it from here on Alsat, unpacking it to your computer, ready to be transferred to the receiver by either using an RS232serial lead connected to the TM with the TM loader(Found in TM loader section) or via the USB method using a usbstick/pendrive or similar to transfer the softcam from pc to receiver...

2) TMsoftcams are specifically designed to work on TM receivers & the patches sometimes rely on the loading of a softcam before they operate properly...
Technically you can use other softcams for your TM, but only the TMsoftcams found in the TM section only are designed for the TM & they would be the only ones i would advise personally...(No disrespect intended to other softcam makers, just clarifying the use of softcams for the TM)

The keys on a TM softcam are as uptodate as any other & include all known keys & is well supported...However the TMsoftcam does not contain DCW or BISS keys like other softcams do, but DCW & BISS keys are easily manually entered into a TM receiver using the remote...
Any 'other' softcam can be opened & viewed & the keys on those can be entered manually on a TM...
So, by loading & keeping to TM softcams, you reduce the chances of the patch not working for whatever reason & also improve your chances of something not messing up with the patches...& you don't miss out as everything else is manually updated, so you don't miss out on anything any other softcam could offer...

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Switch on receiver to standby Boot PC
Using the loader V187
Double click the loader "funny face" and Darkman "TM1000 Series" box appears. Make sure "download" and “Software” is selected, and click on "Browse" and select your unzipped patch, and click "Open"
Using remote control now switch Technomate receiver "on" and then click "Auto Detect" on loader
Box now reads "Found stb at com 1" (or what ever).
Version X.XX detected (or what ever version you have selected), click "Exit".
Press "Connect" and click "Start".

Patch will now be downloaded to your receiver, and you will see the percentage of the download on you PC and receiver window.
First it will send, then erase the old patch, and then write.
When done click "Finish". WAIT UNTILL IT HAS FULL FINISHED

On receiver press "Menu" and go to "System Information" and press "O.K".
It should show "cas menu", if not with your remote control type 2004 (2-0-0-4) till it shows.

Exit "Menu"
You may now need to load TM softcam keys using keys tab

26-08-10, 12:52
How to share one card with rs232 [TM-3000 series]

RS232 Master & Slave:
1. In this mode, you can connect 2 STB with RS232 cable(PIN2->PIN3,PIN3-->PIN2,PIN5->PIN5), the slave STB can share the Master smartcards.
2. If both Box has smartcard, it can be working as 2 CA.
3. Bound Rate can be changing;
3.1 -- 115200: Speed is high, but can only transmit short distance with RS232 cable.
3.2 -- 9600: Speed is low, but can only transmit long distance with RS232 cable.

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that is excellant i wish there was a tutorial for the tm500 or 600 linux series regards kingcod

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hi, can someone please tell me if TM1500 ci+ has a twin protokol to use with Morebox?

many thanks