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25-05-09, 08:24
DCC-E2 v1.20


Dreambox Control Center E2 v1.20 (only for Enigma2)

Actually was a bit more planned, but I am currently very time-intensive projects, and thus initially had only limited opportunities to work at the DCC. But until I return in 2-3 months had a little more time (God willing), this update should be sufficient time to bridge a bit.

What is new compared to the beta version:

Various bugfixes:
- Reboot the flash image on the BA Boot Manager should work now
- Length Limitation in title / subtitles of corrected Recordings

Autoconfig reviewed:
- Detection HDD mountpoint
- Adaptation of the recording path

Live TV Addon (Experimental) Added:
Live TV is a streaming addon to play the TV screen over the network on the PC, including remote control and EPG. Also recordings can be played ...

System requirements for live TV:

- Only for Enigma2.
- Must be in the DCC-E2 directory (using the configuration).
- Installed VLC Version 0.9.8

WARNING: must be compatible with VLC ActiveX plugin installed!


Live TV can DCC E2 started out, but is also run alone as long as it is from the DCC-E2-directory is executed.
Note: Double-click on the TV screen to switch to fullscreen and back again.

Live TV is still experimental. Errors in the operation are not excluded, as is the behavior with newer versions of VLC undefined. It also lacks the time to me everything in detail to describe something that is the best around - it is sometimes easier than you think ...

I'm starting today at noon again on mission abroad, and can only now and then in the forum have a look. Response to posts of mine will therefore initially somewhat sporadically fail, but you can do so amongst themselves

Thx BernyR

25-05-09, 15:59
* DCC v2.96 (25.05.2009)

* Anpassung an das veränderte Format der recordings.epl
* Diverse kleinere Bugfixes

for Enigma1 box

thx bernyr

25-05-09, 16:39
Spanish Translation for DCC-E2 v1.20

Thank you BernyR for your update

26-05-09, 14:33
Polish Translation for DCC v1.20

Thank BernyR

12-06-09, 11:54

15-08-09, 09:47
dcc_e2 langFrench

06-12-09, 00:23
DCC Dreambox Control Centre

New in Version 2.96

- Adjustments of the modified recordings.epl
- some smaller Bugfixes

06-06-10, 04:44
updated dcc 2.96

dcc 2.96 pour dreambox

Ghost 707
15-03-11, 18:11
Dreambox Control Center E2_IT_lang (by blu8)

Completely revised and completed

how do:
copy the file in the program folder and overwrite the original.

And an anticipation:
at the next:

Originariamente inviata da BerniR
IMPORTANTE UPDATE DCC 1.20, blu8 tieniti pronto ...


IMPORTANT UPDATE DCC 1.20, blu8 get ready ..

05-08-11, 20:24
Autozoom added.
With auto zoom all the windows contents are adjusted automatically when resizing. In the first configuration page can optionally be restricted to auto zoom the font sizes in table (eg FTP) to be maintained.


Memory Info increased to 8 mountpoints.
The memory info was increased from 4 to 8 Mount Points. To get free panels for additional mount points can alternatively dev, boot, tmp and / var hidden order.


Opkg package manager for now with support.
DCC-E2 now uses the default opkg command structure of the E2-box. For compatibility reasons, may alternatively be switched to IPKG.


Setting editor corrected and expanded.
The Settings Editor now recognizes HD channels and errors in creating the bouquets were eliminated. The channel type is now displayed as separate icon (TV, radio, or HD).


Live TV updated.
Live TV was adapted to the current VLC version 1.1.11.

Important notes:
The existing voice files can be used only to a limited and should be re-created as needed by the translator.

In the 'boot manager' (Barry Allen) was not changed because I am currently working without a boot manager and want to change anything at the moment my box. Whether the functionality still exists and / or current at all is still, unfortunately I can not find dehalb.

DCC-E2 is at least on my test system running Windows 7 - 64 bit without problems. Almost all previously reported connection issues were due to incorrectly configured software firewalls or network settings.

I own only one DM 800 SE - on other boxes I can not test themselves.
Thx to BernyR

09-08-11, 21:30
Translate update for 1.30


Thx blu8.kosmacz.muermo

23-08-11, 23:59
DCC-E2 v1.40

Support dFlash *. nfi Image Backup
It is now one of the current backup *. nfi images are created in Flash.
To use this function must be the plugin "dFlash" installed on the box of good mine!


The backup image is always created first on the box (the target directory and can optionally upon completion
be downloaded to the PC. Upon request, then the backup on the box is cleared.

The path for the backup on the box and will download to a PC and stored in the configuration are set automatically the next time.

Restart Enigma 'send tools / command' to add
This command only starts the GUI, so Enigma (2) new.


Sorting function, and 'Keep Selection "added for packages
The ipkg / opkg packages can now be sorted by clicking on the column header. In addition to the previously selected entry will now jump back, if after you install or remove a plugin, the table is re-read. Reloading is necessary in any case, since DCC can not even detect whether dependent packages have been installed.

Left menu items now part of the resources
These can also be translated into other languages​​.
You can find these strings in the language file in the [strings] and start with 'menu ...'.

Download Recordings optional inclusive *. eit
Together with Recordings can each be associated *. ince downloaded optional.
The setting is saved and automatically restored after restart.


- The box type was sometimes not properly recognized or incompletely
- Sorting of Records had no function
- Set to 'Active / Passive FTP' had no effect on FTP2 for background actions
- If the query "delete file, are you sure?" terminated with Escape, the file was deleted anyway.
- Improper alignment of the input field for the IP address of the box
Thx to BernyR

24-08-11, 21:20
DCC-E2 v1.41

Image Backup adjusted current dFlash 0101
Mine has extra good creates a new version, because before all the commands were language-dependent and the backup feature of the DCC-E2 therefore only in German-speaking world worked. Now it should run independently of the language set on the box.
Be dFlash 0101 must be installed on a Box: IMPORTANT!

Fixed bug in the Active FTP
Due to an error, it was not possible to build up in the 'Active' mode FTP connection through a router from outside the box.
Thx to BernyR

03-10-11, 13:03
DCC-E2 v1.42 (03.10.2011)

Image Backup überarbeitet
Es wird nicht mehr das Webinterface des dFlash verwendet, sondern DCC-E2 ruft die Binaries des dFlash direkt über einen Telnet-Script auf. Das dFlash-Plugin muss also weiterhin installiert sein, doch die Ausführung ist jetzt nicht mehr abhänging vom jeweiligen Browser und sollte zuverlässiger funktionieren. Allerdings wurde es (noch) nicht mit der aktuellsten Enigma2 und der letzten dFlash-Version getestet (habe es selbst noch nicht installiert).

- Ausrichtung des Eingabefeldes für die Box-IP war nicht korrekt nach Änderung der Fenstergröße.
- Die Größe der Panels in Recordings wurde nach Änderung der Fenstergröße nicht korrekt gezoomt.

04-10-11, 09:48
DCCE2 1.41 Italian Language

insert in /lang

Thanks to BerniR

thanks blu8

12-02-12, 15:32
DCC-E2 v1.43 (12.02.2012)

Update Support Barry Allen
Neuere Barry Allen Versionen werden jetzt unterstützt (getestet mit V6.1.3). Ältere Versionen sollten weiterhin unter DCC-E2 laufen, konnte ich selbst aber nicht testen, da sonst ein Downgrade notwendig gewesen wäre.

Support Unterverzeichnisse im Recordings-Pfad (Experimentell)
In Recordings wird automatisch eine Combobox zur Auswahl eines Unterverzeichnisses eingeblendet, sofern Unterverzeichnisse im Standard-Recordingspfad gefunden werden. Die Auswahl eines Unterverzeichnisses löst automatisch ein Neueinlesen der Liste aus. Bitte beachten: Das Herunteladen von Aufnahmen kann nur innerhalb eines Verzeichnisses erfolgen, ein Kombinieren mit Aufnahmen aus verschiedenen Verzeichnissen gleichzeitig ist nicht möglich und muss getrennt erfolgen!

Verhalten der Recordingsliste bei Autozoom geändert
Ist in der Konfiguration der Parameter "Autozoom einschränken" gesetzt, werden jetzt auch in der Recordingsliste die Textgrößen beibehalten. Dadurch werden mehr Zeilen angezeigt, wenn das Fenster vergrößert wird. Ist "Autozoom einschränken" nicht gesetzt, wird wie bisher immer komplett gezoomt ohne Änderung der Zeilenzahl.

Sicherung der Parameter für die Recordingsliste
Die Parameter zur Darstellung der Recordingsliste (Sortieren nach ... / auf- oder absteigend) werden jetzt in der INI Datei gesichert und bei Neustart automtisch auf den jeweils letzten Wert gesetzt.

- Wurde im FTP Commander wärend der Änderung eines Dateinamens die ENTF Taste gedrückt, wurde die Löschfunktion aktiviert..
- Die Memoryinfo zeigte falsche Werte, wenn ein Filesystem mit überlangem Namen gemounted war. Die Erkennung wurde zwar verbessert, aber meine Hand lege ich dafür nicht ins Feuer ;)
- Beim Löschen von Aufnahmen wurde bisher die zugehörige *.sc Datei vergessen.

Es gabe keine textbasierenden Änderungen in den Ressourcen, deshalb sollten alle Sprachfiles der vorherigen Version weiterhin verwendbar sein.

13-02-12, 21:22
DCC-E2 v1.44 (13.02.2012)

- Wert für /root wurde in Memoryinfo falsch ausgelesen.
- dFlash Backup war ohne Funktion.

26-03-12, 20:34
DCC-E2 v1.46

Neues Backup-Script (dFlash)
Das Backup-Script wurde dem aktuellem dFlash entnommen und sollte jetzt damit weiterhin mit vorherigen und auch mit der aktuellen Version zusammenarbeiten.

Support BarryAllen ab Version 6.4.x
Die BA-Erkennung wurde an die aktuellen Versionen ab 6.4.x angepasst. Vorherige Versionen werden weiterhin unterstützt.

Es gabe keine textbasierenden Änderungen in den Ressourcen, deshalb sollten alle Sprachfiles der vorherigen Version weiterhin verwendbar sein.

thx @BernyR

02-07-12, 13:52
DCC-E2 v1.50


Support OE2.0
Functions with the problems OE2.0 had been revised so that they now work together with OE2.0 and also with the previous OE1.6. Please note that the status OE2.0 still "experimental" and thus has yet to incorporate changes that some functions may in turn call into question!

Plugin management (tools / packages) completely revised
The new plug-in management now also has a subdivision of the categories (types) that can be optionally selected via a combo box. The list now contains the name of the plugin as well as the short description. After double-clicking on an entry in an extended package information is displayed.

Support dFlash 06.02
The backup script has been taken from the current dFlash 6.2 and should now continue with the previous order and will also work with the current version.

Memory Info revised
To display the mount point of the device name was added, as can otherwise arise when using some plugins (eg Rambo) multiple entries with the same mount point but with different device names ..

Optional display of any box name
Now, any optional info text for example are shown as box-name behind the program title, if an entry manually to dcc.ini in the section "Network" is added, eg:
Box Name = DM800-living
This extension was made on explicit user request and should only be used if a multi-E2 DCC installed in different directories should be assigned to drive speakers. However, if the IP within a DCC-E2 changed occasionally, ausdrücklichempfohlen this option is not to use!

Bug fixes
Telnet: Fixed disappearing cursor on the bottom.
LiveTV: Memory channel change and conflict to end the program fixed.

Up to the package information, there were no changes in the text-based resources, why should all language files of the previous version continue to be used.

DCC-E2 v1.50 (http://www.4shared.com/zip/ycqRfgrk/dcce2_150.html)