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25-04-09, 15:06


- If do a scan at for example some TP on Hotbird and have more than one satellite scanned,
when go back to TC always go to position 001 at channel list, what is big inconvenience if you have motorized dish,
because will jump for satellite that have channel at position 001.
Cursor should go for channels position of scanned TP.

- Some Polish channels like TVP1, Universal, Sci-Fi, MGM can`t get EPG data info

- Some channels (like Filmbox HD) at Hotbird need go catch EPG info at other TP, actually AzBox cannot support that

- Quality of pictures using photo player is very bad, this should be improved

- ISO files do not work anymore (none at all). Box hangs if you try to play them.

- Auto-Detect Tuners plugged and add support for Combo models and DVB-T and DVB-C twin tuner support

- At Satellite list show not only the satellite name but also satellite position

- When we played ISO (backup DVD) we don¡¯t have possibility choose outside subtitles from files

- Auto Scale Pictures to 1920x1080, with option to keep or not the original aspect ratio

- Storage Create option: HDD standby, receiver should put HDD in standby if during some minutes not usage, to save energy and HDD life

- TV Channel After finish Scan and decide if Store or not store scanned channels, go directly to menu of Scan channel

- Data Reset Option to erase all Plug-ins

- Support uncommitted Diseqc and committed Diseqc at same time

- Change Font by User
1. Copy your_font.ttf to USB storage and plug it on AZBOX
2. Go to 'System Information' of Setting
3. Press OK on Font Setup

Download (http://azupd.com/0.9.1868/patch.bin)

26-05-09, 09:40
[Firmware] 0.9.2163

Release Notes

This release is the firmware for testing new drivers with following features:
- Scart RGB
- LATM audio codec
- 4.2.2 HD content (not fully supported)

- Support WPA2

- Create Menu Network Services, Between Internet and Storage: possible active / desactive and configure: SMBD, SSHD, FTPD, TelnetD, interface

- When receiver boot network IP is set correctly, but gateway and/or name server takes too much time.

- At DVB Subtitles, you can see the subtitles but when you select the subtitles only show first languages of list (example: Digi TV 1¨¬W).

- Activate ¡°move¡± channels on list, possible to move one channel or group of channels at same time

- If receiver is plugged during several hours at HD channel Time shift and pause stops working
(Pause works but only for 2 seconds), only way to make box return to NORMAL is reboot.

- At time shift options |<< & >>| button should seek the 10% position of buffer

- When change password on parental control and lock, password is not changed at LOCK on channel list.

- At Movie Player, add option to turn OFF subtitles or messages, if no subtitles or message come after 3 seconds. Basically need optimization of subtitles, still sometime appear at MKV the subtitles messages during several minutes without go out.

- When picture resolution is higher than 2Mpix, AzBox wants to start optimization, but never finish.

- In "FTP Manager" you cannot exit like all the other menus with the exit button, only with Home button.

- When change root password keep changed password when reboot, very URGENT for safety reasons (THIS IS VERY CRITICAL AND VERY IMPORTANT).
After updating, root password will be removed.

- Satellite Nilesat 101/102/Atlantic Bird 4 (7 ¡Æ W) is missing in the satellite list

- Error executing the menu item "Delete All Channels. The lists "genre" and "countries" are not deleted. Only factory reset will restore the two lists.

- Start search/browse subtitles in movie directory (especially useful when we watch from LAN and have long URL).

- Backup RSS reader address, now after update everything is deleted

- If You-tube is forbidden on router and then try to open You-tube on azbox , of course will not be possible to show video, however when you go for a TV channel, you get a surprise picture in windows have resolution of youtube ( 1/4 of full screen). You must restart box for NORMAL picture

>>>>Download<<<< (http://azupd.com/0.9.2163/patch.bin)

06-06-09, 06:19
firmware patch 0.9.2238

Release Notes

- MPEG2 HD 4:2:2 video is supported.
But H264 HD 4:2:2 video is not supported, currently.

- When you try to configure DISPLAY, system is crashed.

- Wrong time information of progress bar on youtube

- Macrovision-protected

- Can't play the movie with high resolution(over 1280 X 1080)

- At ISO files, language detection don't work (Audio: English 5.1 / Spanish 5.1 / Portuguese 5.1 ).
Only have English and at subtitles the same (Subtitles: English, Spanish, Portuguese) only show English
(Use root menu for changing audio track)

- Can't play OGG

- At Diseqc1.2 add possibility to use stored positions on motor,
for example I already have stored diseqc1.2 positions on motor using other STB or a external positions, like Hotbird at position 12 of Diseqc1.2,
i should be able to go to antenna configuration and define Hotbird Position - 12

- Hot Key for restarting openxcas modules
(Use "Forward Seek Key"(****|) on Live TV mode)

- Support DVD/CD Drives over USB

http://img367.imageshack.us/img367/6513/zzzzzzes4.png (http://www.myazbox.de/database/official_fw/0.9.2238/patch.bin)

26-07-09, 10:30
Firmware Patch 0.9.2880

Fixed - SmartCard driver is updated because internal smartcard is sometimes reset or crashed

Fixed - Using at least the 3 last firmware releases (0.9.2163, 0.9.2371 and 0.9.2372)
the WIFI has some problems related with WEP(64/128) encriptation 1.
Prevented the box from booting 2. Not possible to use the wireless connection

Fixed - DVB-C - Search of frequenz < 177 Mhz is not possible ("Out of range")

Fixed - DVB-C - Search-Mode Automatic ist not working

Fixed - When selecting GUIDE on TVP sports, Box hangs up.

Fixed - Moving of more than one channels shows error message

Added - Germany DVB-C Frequency

Added - Turkish OSD language

Added - AC3 audio file is supported


21-08-09, 06:32

02-10-09, 06:51
firmware 09.3501.beta


- USB memory stick without partition is now supported

- Movie Player: Bookmark option works better.

- Using the bookmark function does not work after the 1 hour mark.

- No recognition of audio languages in mkv files

- TTX menu hangs when attempting to view teletext on "Canal+ Film HD" on HotBird 11278Mhz.

- TELETEXT Polish Characters


- USB keyboard is supported (Not yet available for browser)

- 70.0W & 180W satellite TPs

- Audio API for plugins


- MKV Movies with high bitrates cannot be correctly reproduced

- Optimized FORMAT procedure
Now Formatting 1TB disks takes under 20 minutes

- Copy speed (HDD, USB) is 30% faster than older versions

You will see good change in plugin section

http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/1153/post77511213784751rr7.gif (http://rapidshare.com/files/287627845/patch.zip)

05-10-09, 21:22
AZbox firmwares
Software for Azbox [America & LatinAmerica] NEW A
*Telefonica FIX


26-10-09, 17:30
New AZBox HD Firmware - rev. 0.9.3661



- Correct a bug regarding the message for screen capture.
- Correct a bug, do not proceed the progress bar at FTP up/download.
- Correct a bug when it occured the FTP login was failed.
- Correct some bugs of the file manager: Icon images / Multi language messages
- Correct a bug regarding DVB-T&C TS discriptor.
- Correct the gritch noise bug on the HDMI audio.
- Correct a bug regarding the setup display options.
- Correct the bug regarding LEDs on the front panel (AZBox Premium)
- Correct the alphabetical sorting bug of the favorite channel list
- Correct the bug to remember the last channel.
- Correct the scan SAT bug
- Correct the TV buffering problem.
- Correct the MKV player bug whick is not displayed videos
- Correct the time display problem at MKV player
- Correct a memory leak at the new audio driver
- Correct the audio bug which is occuring when the radio was played long time
- Correct the video bug which regarding display mode like as pan & scan display
- Correct a fast forward problem to go forward faster.
- Upgrade the YouTube player


- Add new driver for better A/V performance (under testing)
- Add a function to insert many function keys on the USB keyboard.
- Support multi-audio of TS files.
- Add subtitle ID and audio ID at the individual channel.
- Add a decoder recovery routine for correct the radio distortion bug.
- Add a function to be able to select the Dolby output mode (Line mode / RF mode)
- Add scripts when called at standby and wakeup
- Add new driver for Samsung ATSC tuner.
- Modify the azbox SDK and test application
- Add a radio wallpaper register module
- Add the page up/down function at file manager.
- Add a information bar for ATSC


- Modify the main menu position.
- Modify the DEMUX structure to be able to parse several PMTs in the same time.
- Increase IPTV ability to get several types of streams.
- Modified for EPG
+ EIT pool
+ EIT filters
+ Memory Pool
+ Memory menager etc.

- Modify the EIT parser to add a function regarding ATSC
- Modify the scanning PMT method for using multiple PMT filters.
- Optimization of the DEMUX_INFO structure for using the multiple PMT parser at movie player.
- Apply the multiple PMT parser at the movie player.
- Optimization the memory of the audio player.
- Support VBR at the MP3 player
- Modify web browser and RSS news cause by change the driver.
- Modify to set subtitle at center
- Modify to display full screen at photo viewer.
- Change some video decoder options to solve the mkv file player problems
- Change some audio decoder options to solve the glitch noise problems
- Change the recording file size to 4GB from 3GB (will be changed next release to detect the max file size from system)
- Modify the network setting timeout for wifi to 1 minute from 30 seconds.

http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/1153/post77511213784751rr7.gif (http://rapidshare.com/files/298204000/AzboxHD_FW_0.9.3661.zip)

28-10-09, 13:28
New AZBox HD Firmware - rev. 0.9.3686



- YouTube: Correct a segmentation fault occurring when the network speed is slow.


- Added Backup and Restore: Channels, RSS, Plug-ins --- specially dedicated to our distributors

- Added the mp3 stream player.

- Added AES audio type.


- Update the I2C interface for v2.8.5.1 driver

- Some media content improvements

- Decrease the delay when play IPTV.

- Decrease the CPU usage when playing a recorded file.

http://img221.imageshack.us/img221/1153/post77511213784751rr7.gif (http://hotfile.com/dl/16011484/70c1168/patch.bin.html)

05-11-09, 14:01
S900HD 05 Nov 2009

Fixed bugs and
Network Upgrade fix!!!
After this upgrade, all upgrades will be available to apply direct from "Network Upgrade" on the menu!!!

Can upgrade by USB (allcode + booloader)


08-11-09, 06:17
Firmware AzAmerica S900HD 08.11.09

Flowers UP!!

Can upgrade by USB (allcode + booloader)

13-11-09, 08:46
S900HD 12 Nov 2009

Can upgrade by USB (allcode + booloader)


22-11-09, 20:13
Azbox HD satdream fw 3877

* Build 0.9.3877SD
* image md5sum: 8817fb7cbaf65a1eb15d17442061fa0a
* Kernel Linux 2.6.15
* Modules to support ppp.
* vsftpd 2.0.5 UTF8 to WIN1251 character set conversion on the fly.
* pppd 2.4.3
* vfd_cyrilic transliteration.

* WebIF built-in image.
* Updated Russian translation.
* Updated transponder list for 9E and 36E
* Support for smart cards immediately after the installation image (default multicas).
* Ftp service starts by default.
* Web interface starts by default.
* Addon By default azboxhd.ru (until public access)

To update the software to patch.bin placed in the root folder on the USB storage device.
Do not forget to save your settings.
Upgrading to produce formatted DOM.

Downlad 1 (http://www.zshare.net/download/688444564e314322/)

Downlad 2 (http://rapidshare.com/files/310727409/azbox_satdream_3877.zip)

24-11-09, 12:00
New Firm beta 0.9.3892

for test :D

http://img10.imageshack.us/img10/7104/fuleteodes.png (http://dailyfw.azupd.com/)

25-11-09, 18:12
Fixed the factory reset
DEMUX: added find of the key frame
Fixed delete of channel
Improved the channel change behavior

30-11-09, 18:11
Beta version for BETATESTER


| Time Seek + Changed the max speed to 8x
| Fixed EPG issues (PL)

DOWNLOAD (http://dailyfw.azupd.com/)

14-12-09, 18:21
azbox 0.9.4001

- Added index for TS files
- Fast resume after pause
- Rename reserved record files

azbox-0.9.4001-patch.bin (http://dailyfw.azupd.com/azbox-0.9.4001-patch.bin)

16-12-09, 18:33
Fixed MUTE issue | FTP: improve large files | Added 9750/10750 LNB

18-12-09, 18:23


- safe shutdown
- media player small icons
- disable of telnet service

azbox-0.9.4075-patch.bin (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EO5TKJC5)

21-12-09, 19:12

no information about this firmware

Download (http://dailyfw.azupd.com/azbox-0.9.4084-patch.bin)

30-12-09, 18:36


10-01-10, 10:05
isdb-t tuner | recording file size | blind scan | hdd format gui | ftp up/down corrections


15-01-10, 18:25

udp stream | play recorded file issue | record at twin tuner | edit favorite list | blind scan issue


24-01-10, 00:27
http://fw.azupd.com/ -> if you wan to DL and install it straight into your AZbox HD, then connect with it using your freebie FileZilla Client and go to DISK2 -> patch_URL and edit it using, for instance, Notepad++, then save and try now...

You will see even the latest "beta-beta" FW:

azbox-0.9.4295-patch.bin (http://fw.azupd.com/azbox-0.9.4295-patch.bin)
46 MB

fixed time seek |
fixed numeric buttons ff |
added usals message |
fixed vob files |
better movie subtitles timings

04-02-10, 19:18

hostname fix | dts fix (rc1) | improved photo player (max size: 2047px - increased soon) and aspect ratio | corrected epg reservation if canceled | stored tuner/streaming settings | iptv record/epg


05-02-10, 19:18

photo pan + zoom in/out
fix srt timing issue
improved streaming


17-02-10, 07:37

20-02-10, 23:08
EPG KGDTeam 0.4348 Azbox 5 days + TakeControl Sigma 8634

We rushed a bit but finally launch we have here the new image based on the official 4348, we would have liked to try but we failed due to time so if there is any failure to forgive.

Looking at the requests of the users have tried to get a new firmware to comply with them that are primarily the EPG and multimedia mainly reproductions mkv.


This image brings the main novelty Epg 5 days for Astra and Hispasat of the Spanish supplier, every time you boot your computer will have an upload status for that EPG should be apparent in the display and, when the load is shown as well, then always be running a daemon that controls its state during the night will automatically update to the EPG always have a day, if ye shall see the successive events guide for the different channels and with the red button you can see the EPG inidividual for 5 days, also podreis make reservations recording in those 5 days, this is not entirely proven but eat any anomaly to find a solution.

Catch former two events EPG
Catch new EPG 5 days

The second novelty is the sigma TakeControl KGD to 8634 after many tests we have seen that the main problem in multimedia playback azbox is the mismanagement of the resources it contains, because similar equipment, popcorn, wdhd, etc ... perfect reproduction in the same chipset having a sigma 86xx difference is that our azbox have built and linked to other aspects that significantly reduce the resources, we managed to optimize takecontrol much better.

Tests with the TC have achieved a perfect reproduction in from internal or external HDD, mainly with high bibrate mkv getting almost the same results as a NMT533 of popcorn.

From PanelKGD you shall have the following options:

1) General yield figure is activated soon after starting the TKC.
2) Yield TV is activated soon after starting the TKC.
3) Media Optimization is activated when the media starts
4) Optimization rss activates when you start the rss
5) Optimization youtube activates when you start the youtube.

3,4,5 The options can be used to maximum and is recommended in the first two bone 1 and 2 is convenient to put a very low minimum value, if the opening of channel emulation is correct and these options should not be touched . You will be able to make several eye tests but a very high value in options 1 and 2 can cause the system to slow down or problems.

IMPORTANT you can make several changes to the TakeControl and the effects are immediate but if you turn off or restart the computer this configuration is forfeited, so that it will have to keep going to the Settings menu and activate the TCK will be maintained as well when you reboot your configuration.

The takecontrol always know when is activated or deactivated because it showed the display.

Other developments PanelKGD:

The version 1.1 brings separate PanelKGD of takecontrolkgd another popular option for people because of problems with USB devices and HDD and their ext2, ext3, fat, etc. .. You can now format for any device in the format of choice in HDD Extras panel, there is also the possibility of converting a HDD USB or pass this on ext2 to ext3 without losing data (not guarantee) the tests were satisfactory but may someone does not go well. And last on this same menu you will have the option of formatting the DOM instead of the next Upgrade to recommend changes before putting the image to this format EYE lost all data and should only be done for a makeover However before doing this format will make a backup of PanelKGD, ddirec, telnet, etc. .. and very important part of your folder so only Openxcas would have to put your data network and download the channel list.

In the channel list we made some changes now can download the channel list of the FTP server and no need to restart, the only thing to do is just have stuck antenna configure your data.

Also we have changed the panel and its webinterface DDirec now in version 2 we have corrected the problems starting from the first version, in weginterface we added the option to upload the file links.txt from the same without having to transfer via FTP and finally now you can change the speed of download process and have earned almost twice as fast, on file in the folder DDirec config.cg you have to put this field:

PHP Code:

Where there are 4 options available, "0" is off "high", "medium" and "low" you will have to write it as such in lowercase, in future versions we will put it on the panel to configure it from there.

General changes:

Other changes are when you install an internal HDD without the default image format on startup will do it in ext2 and ext3 not to now.

There have been more changes in the skin and tucked the new translations of Ajo.

It has added the info on the skin for CamSkin Multicar with which you have in the settings menu and instructions for use are in the publication of the previous firmware.

We have improved some aspects of the boot.

And last and most importate thank all who have collaborated and developed the image, mainly Morser which has been the artifice of the EPG, the admin azboxhd, Linares, Fundidum, Yersi, Mpiero, Macmanolo and I will not forget anyone mas. We also want to thank the web provides the EPG (http://www.rytec.be/)


Google Translate...

28-02-10, 13:23

New firm beta 0.9.4585


17-03-10, 15:19
azbox 0.9.4625 patch

- play iptv recordings from tv
- fixed drop of iptv audio packets when playing recordings
- added photo service menu
- iptv: fixed url address


31-03-10, 12:18
fixed flac support | fixed ogg support | fixed broken epg | improved blindscan speed | fixed recording from standby


07-04-10, 07:25
fw: 0.9.4749
youtube fix | added compression to backup files | m4a support | fix aac codec | fix id3 encoding


07-04-10, 16:53
hostname fix | channel manager fix | smi subtitles fix | removed subtitle shadow


23-04-10, 17:37
fixed sleep timer | removed black borders in teletext (subtitles) | increased epg stability | fixed microdvd parser | fixed mkv parser with mpeg1/mpeg2


13-05-10, 23:47
Azbox HD Firmware 0.9.4879


improved premiumplus/ultra dvb-s2 tuner
improved dds subtitles
added 24b flac support

17-05-10, 19:17

fixed standby lnb power issue | fixed configuration file | fixed recording problem


30-05-10, 04:19
Update 28.05.2010

10-06-10, 07:24

Download from :

11-06-10, 23:53
Rilascio di questa sera

* added new movie subtitle menu option
* fixed seek in wma
* fixed detection of avi duration time
* corrected sub file format

DOWNLOAD Patch 0.9.4923 (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7KAC9NVT)

19-06-10, 02:20
Azbox Patches

fixed the antenna settings when using diseqc 1.2
fixed the teletext synchronization (rec)
fixed the reservation process

azbox-0.9.4931-patch.bin - 46.45MB (http://www.zshare.net/download/773698759cf8db3f/)

20-06-10, 11:02
This image is a modifictaion of original 0.9.4931 and it is, in a first place, for dummies.
The idea is that dummy, which is usng AZBox for a first time, can get basics for normal use of it,
without any knowledge of linux/stb.

Installing this FW you are getting:
- new skin, which is, by my opinion, more elegant from the original one;
- ch list for the most watched satellites for usals DiseqC motor
- plugins: liveonsat, livefeeds, tevee4yu, WeatherForecast, SudoQ, tuxchess_0.2, colorbars, PassReset
- CAMs and camreader: Mbox, MGCamd, MultiCAS, CheopsCAS and NewCS (CardReader)
by default Mbox and Newcs are active, cofigured to work together,
which means that the only thing that you should do is to put your original card in the slot and the image will appear
You can choose CAMs by pushing '****|' button
You can get ECM info if you push '****' button
- font 'telesat_Uni4AZ.ttf' - subtitles have better visibility (space is ok)
- Network is set on automatic assigning of network parameters - DHCP
After your first restart, on VFD you will get IP address, which is assigned to AZBox
- Network services activated: SSH, Telnet, FTP
- SAMBA activated and set right
- Settings for downloading plugins and CAMs - reset

After you install FW and your first restart, you'll get setup menu.
Choose 'TV channel', then 'Tuner A.DVB-S' and 'Antenna Setup', go down to 'Positioner Setup - USALS', press OK and enter your USALS parameters.
After you go out from the menu, remove your USB stick, reboot your AZBox pressing POWER button down for 5 seconds.
Your AZBox is now ready to be used.

Gratitude goes out to the AZBox4YU team:
Chemstar - for the preinstalled plugins
iPod - for the idea
Roger Rabbit - moral support
Mickey - testing
Thief - proof-reading
telesat - the one responsible for the existance of this FW

IF update with new FW is succesful - you will get SETUP menu, in other case - pls renew update !


24-06-10, 22:09
I would like to say a big thank you for helping new users like me to move forward.Thanks

30-06-10, 06:33
AZ Plus HD-200 0630 2010

*Amazonas Fixed...

07-07-10, 07:12
AZ Plus HD-200 0707 2010

*Amazonas Fixed...

12-07-10, 05:41
AZ Plus HD-200 12 07 2010

*Amazonas Fixed...

22-07-10, 03:03
firmware 0.9.4991


fixed udp stream feature
improved recording process
improved multimedia playback
fixed hang when playing mkv with dts tracks

Download Firmware (http://www.multiupload.com/0KXJW5YM0T)

30-07-10, 15:37
Azbox HD Firmware - 0.9.5006

- Updated youtube
- Updated sat network infos




13-08-10, 19:46

epg improvements | some other minor adjustments


21-09-10, 14:09
If You want to load this version of Enigma 2 for
AzBox HD Elite / Premium please follow this procedure :

1 . Load this patch.bin ( Enigma 2 ) file on FAT32 formatted USB
Memory Stick

2. Turn Off Your AzBox HD Device, put USB Memory Stick inside
and Turn on AzBox HD Device.

3. Follow the procedure USB Update on the screen, after process
is finished, remove the USB stick from the AzBox HD Device,
and let AzBox HD to Reboot

4. After reboot is finished, You should be in Enigma 2 AzBox HD
Running state

5. If You tested enough Enigma 2 on AzBox HD Device and want to
be back on AzBox Official Firmware, it is piece of cake

6. Load on FAT32 Formatted USB Memory stick patch.bin ( Official
AzBox HD Firmware e.g 0.9.5020 ) .

7. Turn Off AzBox HD Device, put USB Memory stick in Receiver,
and Turn it on.

8. On VFD You will see RESCUE MODE and IP Address will be listed.

9. On Your PC run application called AzUP by our team member
telesat, enter IP of Your AzBox HD Device and click on UPDATE

10. Wait that Update is finished, and You will have again AzBox HD
Official Firmware

This is totally RISK FREE Installation and Recovery procedure for
AzBox HD Elite / Premium Devices !!!

Please, just follow procedure, and You will not have any problem at .
all, as this procedure was tested many many times internally by our team.

Important: The installation of the image takes on its
own responsibility

Download image 44MB (http://www.file-upload.net/download-2835721/E2_1.0.21_elite_premium.rar.html)

19-10-10, 23:52
Enigma2 versione 1.0.25 per AZbox

Originally Posted by MickeySa
Dear friends of this great community, and proud owners of AzBox HD Devices ( currently only Elite/Premium supported ) there is new version of Enigma 2 by the_ripper and team for You :

Download (http://rapidshare.com/files/426062706/E2_Update__1.0.25.rar)

What is new ?

- FTA SD and HD channels working. ( DD 2.0 , AC3 working by HDMI tested on Einsfestival HD )

- New IR driver ( few more mapped buttons e.g Info button, Audio selection is Check button on RCU )

- Fixed Section filters and PID selection.

- Added part of CA system

- Multimedia support for MPEG2 , MPEG4 ( XviD ), h264, and various audio support.

- Please read ReadMe file if You want also to install additional things to get working Multimedia by Media Player in E2.

- If You have Full HD TV , You can set resolution by editing bootup file located in :


Find line :

# Elite and Premium

below You will see line insmode ...

and replace existing insmode line with this one :

insmod /lib/modules/ options="-analog -f PAL_BG -digital -f HDMI_1080p50 -hdmi_chip SiI9030 0 14 15 100 0"
Few tips :

Before loading Enigma 2 , move Your dish to some satellite ( Astra 19.2 e is good because of FTA HD channels ), as on E2 currently we didnt fix DiseQc bug ( We will fix it when we finish Premium+ driver ).

Try to use Simple configuration in Tuner Configuration, e.g choose satellite on which position currently You are.


If You want also to test Multimedia on AzBox Enigma 2 media player , You have to install 3 IPK files located in this archive :




working formats:
audio: mpeg, aac, ac3, dts, wma (but not pro), pcm (not all ?)
video: mpeg2, mpeg4 (xvid), h264 (only show singe frames)

IPK Installation procedure :

Transfer 3 *.ilk files to /tmp folder of Your AzBox and run this commands, one by one :

ipkg install /tmp/gst-plugin-asf_0.10.16-r0.0_mipsel.ipk

ipkg install /tmp/gst-plugin-avi_0.10.25-r0.0_mipsel.ipk

ipkg install /tmp/gst-plugin-dvbmediasink-dbg_0.10+cvs20101006-r0_dm800.ipk

If You cant use ipkg install, use command opkg install or ipkg-extract .


Download (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=H7FQQA4C)

20-10-10, 00:57
Originally Posted by MickeySa

If You see error while nstalling .ipk files, that is ok, dont worry about it, but dont forgett to transfer 2 .so files attached to my post in addons.zip archive to directory :


Download Addons


20-10-10, 19:11
Wlan for Premium and Premium+

Originally Posted by MickeySa

Download archive attached to my post, unzip it, and transfer whole folder wlan by FTP to /tmp folder on Your receiver

Connect to Your receiver by telnet and execute this commands :

mkdir -p /etc/Wireless/RT61STA

cd /tmp

cp /tmp/wlan/rt2561.bin /etc/Wireless/RT61STA/

cp /tmp/wlan/rt2561s.bin /etc/Wireless/RT61STA/

cp /tmp/wlan/rt2661.bin /etc/Wireless/RT61STA/

cp /tmp/wlan/rt61sta.dat /etc/Wireless/RT61STA/rt61sta.dat

dos2unix /etc/Wireless/RT61STA/rt61sta.dat

cd /lib/modules/

mkdir drivers

cd drivers

mkdir net

cd net

mkdir wireless

cp /tmp/wlan/rt61.ko /lib/modules/

modprobe rt61

cd /tmp

wget http://oozoon-dreamboxupdate.de/open...-r5_mipsel.ipk

ipkg install wireless-tools_29-r5_mipsel.ipk ( If error appear dont worry )

ifconfig ra0 up ( my gateway is, so i put ifconfig ra0 up )

iwlist ra0 scanning ( this will list available networks in your range )

output will be something like this :

root@AZBox:/tmp# iwlist ra0 scanning
ra0 Scan completed :
Cell 01 - Address: 00:0C:21:16:DD:2A
Encryption key:on
Bit Rates:1 Mb/s; 2 Mb/s; 5.5 Mb/s; 6 Mb/s; 9 Mb/s
11 Mb/s; 12 Mb/s; 18 Mb/s; 24 Mb/s; 36 Mb/s
48 Mb/s; 54 Mb/s
Quality:82/100 Signal level:-57 dBm Noise level:-111 dBm
IE: IEEE 802.11i/WPA2 Version 1
Group Cipher : TKIP
Pairwise Ciphers (1) : TKIP
Authentication Suites (1) : PSK

iwconfig ra0 essid HomeLan

iwconfig ra0 mode Managed

iwconfig ra0 channel 6 ( as my network broadcast on channel 6, in Your case choose what is appropriate for Your network ).

iwconfig ra0 key s:mywpakey (mywpakey will be your network key ).

Result is when i ping it from my pc :

MickeySa:~ mickey$ ping
PING ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=64 time=5.569 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=3.591 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=1.501 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=64 time=1.637 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=64 time=1.649 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=5 ttl=64 time=1.738 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=6 ttl=64 time=1.533 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=7 ttl=64 time=1.795 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=8 ttl=64 time=1.754 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=9 ttl=64 time=1.649 ms

Thats all, soon GUI version.

This procedure works also with Elite model, which have WiFi stick with this RT chipset

21-10-10, 16:07
A little more, come:
Scrambled channels working!

Originally Posted by NodiSa
SD and HD channels works scrambled.
scrambled channel works!!!
CA support Fully Fixed.

new driver em8634dvb.ko attached ...
It is necessary to unpack the new file and FTP to transfer the location

Comfortable viewing of scrambled channels ...


22-10-10, 11:44

YouTube - azbox hd elite ENIGMA2 CCCAM FAST ZAPPING (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odL0X7-f9eM)

22-10-10, 18:31
Originally Posted by arcibald

Hi ... to All

Another effective method to install the best emu and manage them from the OSD panel is provided by these plugins:
enigma2_plugin_sgc_menu_latest_mi psel.ipk


Once these are installed, you just have correct the path for the file CCcam.cfg:

From SGC panel installed the CCcam 2.14 and go to the correct path and the environment (-dC /etc/CCcam.cfg) in the startup script CCcam_2.1.4.sh:


This will install various emu in the path:

/usr/UCM_CamSrv_bin # including cccam (2.0.11) & cccam214.

The startup scripts will find them in /usr/UCM_CamSrv_script:


Then enter here the path and the environment (-dC /etc/CCcam.cfg) and you're done.

################################# ################################# #############
Now you can manage your CCcam from panel with their emu_manager and having a complete list of additional features.
################################# ################################# #############

Thanks ... to development teams of these plugins



22-10-10, 18:48
Again, a big shift Mower and others in the CO
Those who threw the last enigma and video driver for codirane channels
here's my little contribution

Cccam and mgcamd

CCcam and Mgcamd for Azbox the plugin can start / stop / restart / cam info / autostart / desable autostart

Can manually via telnet but also with management software>> Install local extensions>> Internal flash
Copy one by one file in / (that is the root of the image) to say totalcommander
Upon installation, delete files or install in the order written down
and then delete one by one.

The order of installation

4.napravi folder / var / etc for your CCcam files

Restart box

5.Otidji the Main menu Plugins-User Scripts User-execute script from / usr / script
there can do anything for the emu
start / stop / restart / cam info / autostart / desable autostart

For Mgcamd course should you put in your config files if you use to CCcam gbox or CS in / var / keys

6.A this is very important to put the emu radio mg_cfg for AzBox with everything needed for CCcam Gbox or configuration

# Box type
# 00 Autodetect, change only if you think wrong type detected.
# 01 dbox2
# 02 dreambox
# 03 triple-dragon
# 04 relook
# 05 openbox
# 06 dreambox / mips
# 08 entered / kathrein
# 09 entered / ipbox
# 11 entered / openbox
B: {06}

So you have to make any necessary changes to your way of use in all files for Mgcamd 1.35
It seems to me that Mgcamd now works better than the AzBox CCcam but it takes longer to test.

Thanks to its author:thum:

24-10-10, 17:34
Enigma 2 v1.0.27

Devices suitable for flashing : Elite and Premium

What is new :

- DiseQc FIX ( 1.0 , 1.1 , 1.2 Manual and USALS too )


- Integrated BlackShadow2 skin by Matrix10

- Fixed boot error


Enigma v1.0.27 (http://www.azbox-enigma.eu/upload/E2_AZBox_1.0.27.rar)

ATTENTION: Use AzUP v1.1 for Flashing this version of Enigma 2 into Your devices !!!

26-10-10, 12:51
Enigma 2 v1.0.28

Devices suitable for flashing : Elite and Premium

What is new :

- Fix for no signal on DVB-S2 tuner for some users
- Multimedia fix for various formats by sattomy


E2_AZBox_1.0.28 (http://azbox-enigma.eu/upload/E2_AZBox_1.0.28.rar)

ATTENTION: Use AzUP v1.1 for Flashing this version of Enigma 2 into Your devices !!!

28-10-10, 08:12
Enigma 2 v1.0.29

Devices suitable for flashing : Elite and Premium

What is new :

- MyTube plugin (YouTube)

- Multimedia fix for various formats by sattomy


Enigma v1.0.29 link:http://azbox-enigma.eu/upload/E2_AZBox_1.0.29.rar

ATTENTION: Use AzUP v1.1 for Flashing this version of Enigma 2 into Your devices !!!

31-10-10, 10:50
AZ Plus HD-200 31 10 2010

01-11-10, 03:20
Enigma 2 v1.0.30

Devices suitable for flashing : Elite - Premium - Premium+

What is new :

- P+ tuner driver tested

- P+ FAN control enabled and activated

- some fixes in audio - volume control now is ok, mute/unmute also

- plus few more fixes


01-11-10, 11:54
The Ripper

Hi guys,
go to rescue mode ,telnet to receiver and mount DOM, for example

#/>mkdir DOM
#/>mount /dev/hda1 /DOM

then FTP to receiver and replace file /DOM/lib/modules/ with one attached with this message.

Then just reboot.

Fix Elite/Premium

02-11-10, 00:52
azbox E2_AZBox_1.0.31

Devices suitable for flashing : Elite - Premium - Premium+ - Ultra

What is new :

- Added support for DVB-S2 Tuner in Ultra model

- Volume UP and Down Mute and Un-Mute for all models

- Few more fixes

Download (http://azbox-enigma.eu/upload/E2_AZBox_1.0.31.rar)

28-11-10, 08:22
AZ Plus HD-200 28 11 2010

Azbox S900HD

14-12-10, 08:27
RTi core 1.0.3 BETA
RTi core 1.0.3 BETA Image based on : Enigma 2 from 04-12-2010

New kernel by the_ripper

What is new ?

- Applied New Audio FIX

- Interlace/Deinterlace FIX

- Fixed 30% CPU BUG ( Better stabillity )

- Better VFD Support

- Volume UP/Down fully fixed

- Fixed System clock

- Better overall stabillity

- A lot of changes on Enigma 2 ( A/V Settings EXPERIMENTAL , Welcome w i z a r d )

- Fixed Multimedia ( MKV, AVI ) now OK

- A lot of other small fixes and changes internally


24-12-10, 17:03
New file 24-12-2010

26-12-10, 04:09

28-12-10, 20:50

youtube fix


29-01-11, 08:39
RTi core RC4 Enigma 2

Change Log :

- New Kernel from 26.01.2011 ( Linux AZBox #216 PREEMPT Wed Jan 26 19:22:07 CET 2011 mips GNU/Linux )

- New Drivers

- Added support for .TS file Playback ( Now You are able to play recorded material directly from AzBox )

- Added support for Timeshift

- Several fixes on .py files for better stability

In progress : We will move soon to the new structure / skeleton, and we will introduce support for DVB-T, DVB-C and second DVB-S2 tuner ( just for Premium+ model ). Result of this changes will be better stability and functionality of Enigma 2 in AzBox HD Receivers.

Also, RTi team wants to express big THANK YOU to SIF Team, which also announced support for AzBox HD Devices.

Please make as much as possible tests, and report them on our forum :



11-02-11, 09:51

Here Loader for RS232 and Editor Channels for new brother family

24-02-11, 22:39
New ver. RC5
Changes in kernel - necessarily to write kernel (check 'copy kernel' in azup),
ofcourse it is necessary only one time [Imagen: smile.png]
What is new :
- NEW Kernel - allowed to use/install E2 on DOM and Official FW (dofferent kernel-old kernel) to USB stick
- NEW structure/file format - now E2 files/kernel use .e2 extension
NEW AZUp v.2.x.x - use only new .e2 extension
- allow to prepare and install official FW on USB stick
- allow to make Backup ch.list, settings and camd setings/scripts/cfgs from installed Enigma2 and Restore to new fresh E2 installation.
-Added additional control before install : check cpu speed and if overclocked - reset to default value
- Checking free ram (min) needed for some operation
- Checking existing/correct mount for storage device - where you want to install E2.
- Auto switch to rescue mode if AZBox is in E2 mode
- Alsoo now you can see info about loaded E2 File
pls read Readme file for more info about AZUp 2


AZUp 2 (http://www.azbox-enigma.eu/upload/AZUp_v.2.0.1.rar)
Files need for install Official FW on USB (http://www.azbox-enigma.eu/upload/FW4USB.rar)
E2 RTi Core RC5 (http://www.azbox-enigma.eu/upload/RTi_Core_1.1.5.RC5.rar)

Note: This version follows the route of the New Structure of Drivers, so it is recommended that only experienced people try and avoid the famous turn booting

25-02-11, 10:32
From the author himself [The_Ripper]:

To explain better, New 2.6.29 kernel support better KEXEC support( loading new kernel with same or different version from kernel that is allready runing without need to reboot) then some older linux kernel versions so it gave me opportunity to load plain 2.6.15 Sigma kernel version(that original FW use) without need for licensing/encrypting and all other stupid stuff that Sigma wants so kernel can be booted from flash. And with few tweaks inside scripts from DISK1 that is used in loading process, we just switch HDAX to USBX partitions to be MMP,DISK2,Download, etc .... Thats all mistery.

Regarding dvb driver it's the old one from all RCX versions, new BETA driver isnt fully ready yet, I just finished audio/video part and upload it, and in next few days I will work with sattomy(gstreamer developer for azbox) so we can fix many things in gstreamer plugins and in driver thats not working right now.

26-02-11, 01:13

azbox-0.9.5301 / 25.02.02011


improved the multimedia libraries
fixed ghost char
added support for the www and email rcu buttons (needs azmail)
updated the dutch translation


07-03-11, 22:37


added the finnish and swedish translations
improved the language selection system
improved avi/xvid support

PHP Code:

08-03-11, 22:42
Hace unos dias que está circulando:

Original de Raskino basado en el 0.9.5300:

0.9.5300 MOD Raskino 1.0:

si è una derivazione della 5300 con la sostituzione di moduli e lib presi dalla meditel...diciamo che è una prima prova...eheh

ora me la sto studiando per rilasciare la prossima con plugin integrati.

Es una variación del 5300 sustituyendo los módulos y los lib del de meditel...digamos que es una primera prueba...eheh

Ahora me lo estoy estudiando para lanzar la próxima con plugins integrados.

0.9.5300 MOD Raskino 1.0 (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=60ZWRY03)

08-03-11, 22:50
Bueno como la gente pedía si era posible hacer el firm KGD para Dual Boot, pues me he puesto manos a la obra y he seguido el manual que nos facilitó el amigo MickeySa y he compilado el firm para meterlo en el USB.

Para instalarlo debemos seguir los pasos que se indican a continuación.

Proceso de instalación:

- Reiniciamos al Azbox con un pendrive recien formateado metido en el puerto Usb.
- Inicia E2, como si no hubiese reconocido el pendrive, asi que no asustarse.
- Abrimos Azup y ponemos la IP que corresponda.
- Marcamos Instalar en USB.
- Pulsamos Go en Instalar firmware oficial. Nos dice que ahora el Azbox entrara en Rescue Mode.
- Pulsamos aceptar, el azbox se reinicia y esperamos unos segundos hasta ver nuestra IP en el Display del Azbox.
- Volvemos a pulsar en GO firmware oficial.
- Se nos abrira una ventana para que busquemos el archivo VMlinux, nos vamos a la carpeta donde hemos extraido el firm, y abrimos el VMlinux.
- Se nos vuelve a abrir una ventana para pedirnos ahora que busquemos el patch.alt. Volvemos a la carpeta donde extraimos el firm y lo abrimos tambien ....
- Comienza el proceso...paciencia. En mi caso tarda entre 3 y 4 minutos aproximadamente para el Pendrive de 2Gb.

Con un pendrive de 16 Gb tarda unos 5 minutos mas aunque al final no consegui que funcionase.
Dependiendo del tamaño de vuestro pendrive tardara mas o menos en dar formato a las particiones.
Si todo ha ido bien, reinicia automaticamente y ya tenemos el firmware Opensat instalado en el pendrive. Solo queda meter canales y configurarlo.

PD: pe.tardo ya sabes que no hace falta que me pidas permiso para publicar donde quieras mis aportes. :ok:


Firm_KGD0.9.4890_4_USB.zip (http://www.multiupload.com/BMUXN4M5HK) (48.12 MB)

Editado: ya está probado y funciona correctamente.

12-03-11, 01:43

added finland and denmark cable freq | fixed streaming
Hash: f4e2a949c3dbc9b32d7b993102da2042


Ghost 707
18-03-11, 07:42



23-03-11, 00:39
RTi core RC8 Enigma 2
RC8 - version ok for all models

This Enigma 2 Image is for DOM Install !!!

USE AzUP 2.1 to Install this Image in Your device

- EXPERIMENTAL - TWIN SUPPORT - ofcourse only on P+
- Ultra model now work fine
- STC Prebuffering - only for test , added in A/V Settings
- Scart/RCA - Composite out fixed
- Aspect Ratio and Scalling added in A/V Settings

MultiMedia imrove and fixs :
- fixing packed avi support for gstreamer (finally solved most sync issues)
- been playing 1080p dts through mediacenter from nfs

NOTE : STC Prebuffering is only for test, pls play with this and report on forum what is your experiances , and what is best combination and compromise between fast zap and stable zap


25-03-11, 13:10
Nuevo firm Opensat azbox-0.9.5304 para nuestros AzboxHD.


- Updated the french translation
- Fixed browser and rss issues (missing files)
- Improved the recordings playback
- Improved the online system upgrade



28-03-11, 19:03
FW azbox-0.9.5305-patch

- fixed youtube



29-03-11, 11:09
Gemini Project 3 - MOD for Azbox HD Part 2 (RC9)

Gemini Project 3 - MOD for AzBox HD Part2

Continuação do projeto Gemini.

Baseado na imagem RC9 da team RTi.

Muito boa imagem.

Painel de addons, montagem automática de discos e partilhas CIFS e NFS, swap file, escolher local para picons,etc.

Download: Gemini Project 3 for Azbox (http://www.multiupload.com/I2CBSBW8DO)

Gemini Project for Azbox HD 2 link's (http://www.multiupload.com/ORU0OTW6A7)

29-03-11, 23:01
RTi core RC10 Enigma 2
What is new in RC10 ?

- New Enigma 2 from 29.03.2011

- New Drivers from 29.03.2011

- New Bootlogo

Change log :

- Fixed subtitles

- Fixed Radio mode ( Radio channels should work now )

- Fixed sync on Media player part ( for MKV and other formats )

- Added support for subtitles in VOB files

- Improved support for AC3+ audio on DVB part

- Added Online Update option ( We will push new updates trough this plugin, follow this thread to know when to update! )

- Added Beyonce 9 skin by Matrix10 ( Thank You Miro! )

Download :


Mirror #1

Mirror #2

Ghost 707
30-03-11, 22:52

Atualização TESTE S900HD 30/03/2011

FIX userdb by usb
FIX freezing TWIN PROTOCOL is faster now
FIX EPG programming guide load of a single transponder now load 3 transponder using the maximum capacity of memory in the stb
has a new video driver for HD video transmissions
improved audio sync channels with h264 and ac3 audio
blindscan new tuner driver
epg button green screen out of the window
add new key biss tv grandes minas 70w
add fash config funtion (this add newcam server by allsahred.dat)

31-03-11, 01:03
RTi core RC11 Enigma 2
What is new ?

- Fix Reboot ( working now from menu in E2 )
- Fix T/C tuner selection if no DVBS tuner on slotA
- Fix AC3 PID detection on some channels in NA
- Reactivated grab (video/osd) in driver
- New grab app
- Added modified Beyonce 9 skin modified by Matrix10 ( Skin should be faster )
- Added Fan Control ( Menu -> Setup -> Fan Control , Turn On or Off for Premium+ and Ultra )

** In archive You will find AzUP 2.0.3 - Please use this new version to flash RC11 in Your receiver **


RTi core RC11 Enigma 2 Image


RTi core RC11 Enigma 2 Image - Mirror #1


05-04-11, 23:28
RTi core RC12 Enigma 2
What is new ?

[INew kernel - enable EXT4 - but necessarily to use latest ver. of AZUp
Reboot - Solved
Rescue mode via AZUp and Setup Menu - Solved
Standby mode - Solved
Changes in AV settings - AV Prebuffering (now step is 50ms)
Repeated 2 x times Online Update in Extension menu and missing in plugin menu - Solved
Improvement in CAMD Manager
OverClock menu is removed now
Problem with RGB Scart and encrypted ch. - Solved
Changes in FSTAB file - usb drive now automounted on /media/hdd or/and /media/usb[/I]

**NOTE: Do not forget to use latest ver. of AZUp 2.0.4 - full setup is included in archive! **


08-04-11, 19:13
ANGELS OF FIRE Enigma2 for AZBOX HD (elite/premium/premium+/ultra)

ID Team : Gemini
ID Enigma : Team
Version : 0.26-r3
About E2 : Angels of
Kernel : Fire


fw original opensat > install rc4 (azup 1.2.8) > install AOF patch.e2 (azup 2.0.2)


root@AZBox:~# uname -a
Linux AZBox #16 PREEMPT Sun Mar 6 15:15:42 CET 2011 mips GNU/Linux






14-04-11, 18:41

fixed the multi-language epg ( main audio language sets default epg language )
improved streaming
improved timeshift
improved recordings

Download (http://www.multiupload.com/EIN0R464FM)

19-04-11, 23:26
SIF OpenEE Azbox Gecko 2011-04-19

changelog :
Enigma 2 Version: gecko-git20110603-r33
Sif team thanks to dr_gogeta86
2011-04-17 skaman
* Increased video wizard timeout from 20 to 30 seconds
2011-04-12 skaman
* Test for fix recording on azbox
2011-04-11 skaman
* Fixed demux start pid on azbox
2011-04-09 skaman
* Fixed broken support in videomode for not azbox stb
2011-04-02 skaman
* From azbox-enigma2-project r40: Add missing variable in accel.h header file
* From azbox-enigma2-project r39: Fix detection of the AC3 pid on some
NorthAmerica channels, thx to everyone who tested
* From azbox-enigma2-project r36: Removed #define
* From azbox-enigma2-project r35: Added New Sigma BLIT function
* From azbox-enigma2-project r32: Fix Radio Mode for Sigma CPU, sharing Video
Decoder/STC clock now okey
* From azbox-enigma2-project r31: add prebuffering and some other changes
* From azbox-enigma2-project r29: AC3+ detection added
* From azbox-enigma2-project r28: Added few more AC3 stream type values for
detection ...
* From azbox-enigma2-project r27: Start PCR pid even if it's
timeshift/playing TS stream from file (PCR pid needed for Sigma to start
automatically play/STC clocks).
* From azbox-enigma2-project r26: Fix DMX_ADD_PID ioctl, now it's working for
Sigma DVB driver
* From azbox-enigma2-project r25: Added Ultra Model detection
* From azbox-enigma2-project r24: Added Azbox receivers enums
* From azbox-enigma2-project r23: Added Azbox box detection and demux device
* From azbox-enigma2-project r22: Added tuner selection for Elite/Premium
* From azbox-enigma2-project r20: fix in dvbtime
* From azbox-enigma2-project r19: Setting DEMUX source on Audio/Video "fd"
after open (it's not default mode on open in Sigma driver)
* From azbox-enigma2-project r18: Changes in eTSMPEGDecoder::showSinglePic
for Sigma
2011-03-27 Bobsilvio
* Fixed problem (first reboot) wlan with rt3070 and rt2870
2011-03-15 skaman
* Fixed customized panel miss load configuration on first boot
2011-03-13 skaman
* Updated about team
* Added settings loader icon
* Fixed missing converter HWName in Makefile.am
* Added HWName converter
2011-03-13 margy82
* Added preview_board.png
2011-03-12 margy82
* Many fixes to default skin
2011-03-12 skaman
* Some keymap fix for et9000 and dm
* Added customized remotes configurations for azbox and et9000
2011-03-11 skaman
* Added et9000 as configure option
2011-03-10 skaman
* Removed some tpm check
2011-03-09 skaman
* Fixed crash on infobar seek back/forward
* Fixed videoselection "unknow button"
2011-03-08 bobsilvio
* Commented line in Wlan.py and added iface up in NetworkSetup.py thanks to
margy82 and bigroma
2011-03-08 skaman
* From azbox-enigma2-project r17: Added seek flag to seeking code for use
with updated gstreamer dvbmediasinkaz. Sattommy
* Added VideoSelection.py in Makefile.am
* Added "Mediaset" epg patch (thanks to qboxhd)
* Added video switch on green button
2011-03-06 skaman
* Enabled by default progress bar on service list
* Fixed terrestrial snr handling
* Fixed wlan detection if box is not dmm
* Added hook in ServiceScan for LCN plugin
* Completed LCN scan


29-05-11, 21:12
RTi Core v1.0

What is new ?

- Card Reader OK

- New MediaCenter OK ( Menu -> Media Center, choose My Videos and wait 10-15 seconds to re-initialize HDMI!!!, for subtitles *.SRT press red button or SUB-T on RCU, they need to be named same as movie )

- Audio BUG Fixed

- A lot of other bugs fixed and so on.

- Time for zap - reduced

- VOL +/- Fixed

- MUTE(when change ch.) - Fixed

- Lost data when power off/on - Fixed

- Problem with relaod ch.list - Fixed

- Problem with external messages - Fixed

- New/rewritten WebIf

- NEW driver for RemoteControl - work like a charm

- New way for go to rescue mode - press and hold VOL+ button (from front panel or RemoteControl) during AZBox booting

- Removed DOM to be listed as HDD in Enigma2 Info, and now DOM is excluded from standby so COGs will show less.

In Media Center we know that Seeking is not working and VOL UP and DOWN, so please do not report this as BUG, it will be fixed in next release!


16-06-11, 18:12
*Bulsat/Polaris (39.0°E) Fix
*ORF (19.2°E) Cryptoworks Fix
*MediaTech (002A 4.0°W) Next Keys Fix
*RAI (0030-02E2 13.0°E) Next Keys Fix
*TV Globo International (13.0°E)
*Hustler *Biss Full *All Keys OK


04-07-11, 13:29
New Azbox-0.9.5307-patch (04-07-2011)


- Updated the satellite's transponder list (needs format application area)
- Fixed the epg behavior




azbox-0.9.5307-patch.bin (http://www.multiupload.com/23G10TOFLB)

07-07-11, 17:39
DVBS.dat is now split between ku and c band ( to use this new file, after install perform a factory restore )
*fixed the dutch iso369 string
*added 2 new dvbc countries : dutch and ukraine ( testing )
*fixed the epg detail scrolling
*fixed the number of audio streams available at audio list window (euronews)



16-07-11, 05:15
Atualização Azamerica 15/07/2011

16-07-11, 12:00
RTi Core v1.1 Enigma 2

What is changed:

- back to linux 2.6.22

- Overall stability is better

- Faster zapping

- Media Center should support many files and formats

- new filter handling code, should be fixed D+ channels

- default EPG okey

- recording okey , when playing recorded material over VLC no breaks in sound

- 1080p font should be okey

- faster video mode changes

- grab fix for HD ch.

- P+ 2'nd tuner fix and decription

- usbserial and ftdi.ko (USB Card readers and other usb hw should work)

- New Bootlogo - thanx to Daconi

and many more fixes/features

What (still) doesnt work:
- MyTube - only first video work without problem
- TS (recorded from e2) doesnt play in MC , but play in internal E2 TS player (press guide button)
- Some TS (recorded frome2) doesnt play in internal TS player
- DVD player in MC doesnt work and when start and want to exit - get only spinner and receiver doesnt responding / crash

RTi E2 project is really maded for all users which really wants something more from their lovely AzBox.

RTi E2 is mentioned mean people, which are full of frustrations or which are paid to spread lies and bad words about AzBox or to act like that, or people which really dont have an elementary knowledge about Linux systems which doesnt know anything more than Format App area, we really recommend them to buy some FTA Receiver and to stop torturing themselves with modern technologies, and to cure their frustration with help of professional psychiatrists, as also psychiatrists need to live and earn from something .

Unfortunately, there is one small group which is working against AzBox and anything related to it, especially after new models was announced on Anga Cable Show in Germany. Please be aware that this group will make their activities against AzBox even stronger when new models soon come to the market, and because of this we want to let You know, all normal users about their intentions and to stay cool and to dont react on their provocations.

For us, there is only one mission, just to make YOU, all normal users happy with their lovely AzBox, and to listen Your wishes to make our enigma 2 better as much is possible, and in same time to ignore bad and mean voices.

For Flashing Your AzBox with this latest Enigma 2, to avoid any problems in that process, please be carefull and use latest AzUP which is attached with RTi Enigma 2 v1.1, as we cant guarantee how Your AzBox will work if You flash it with other tools which are not maded in cooperation with our team.

We also want to say Thanks to all our Beta testers which tested in BETA Section almost 2 weeks this new Enigma 2, and which helped us to fix as much as possible things inside of it.

Also we want to let you know, that RTi Team is in every day connection and talks with SPAZE Team, and we make big and good cooperation with them, so You can also expect new SPAZE Images for AzBox with latest updates and so on.

RTi Team also decided to open some parts of drivers, like Tuner drivers, kernel and so on, so people can do as much as possible modifications .

Download RTi Core v1.1. Enigma 2:

RTi Core v1.1 (http://www.filesonic.com/file/1454301624/RTi_Core_1.1.rar)

26-07-11, 09:24

12-08-11, 16:13
RTi Core v1.2 Enigma 2

What is new?

- Kernel (Linux AZBox #48 PREEMPT Thu Jul 21 01:35:08 CEST 2011 mips GNU/Linux)

- Drivers from 05.08.2011 (Overall performance and stability is better now)

- Standby fixed on Premium

- New Media Center (Subtitle improvements, better support, just WMA and WMA Pro is not working)

- Added DVD Player (DVD ISO Files are now playable)

- Fixed MyTube

Media Center tested with:

- Batman Begins 1080p HDDVD x264-ESiR.mkv

- hd1080-defiance.mkv

- Transformers.Revenge.of.the.Falle n.1080p.BluRay.x2 64-ETHOS.mkv

- Blood.Diamond.2006.1080p.HDDVD.x2 64-DEFiNiTE.mkv

- The_Matrix_1999_1280x532_DTS_5.1c hannels.mkv

To Load this Enigma2 use AZUp attached together with Enigma 2.


http://www.filesonic.com/file/1654963634/RTi_Core_1.2.rar (http://www.sat-planet.net/redirector.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.filesonic.com% 2Ffile%2F1654963634%2FRTi_Core_1.2.rar)

15-08-11, 06:57
PB VX AzboxHD Beta


For people who like to test, PB Enigma2 Image (BETA!). Unfortunately there is no readme for it.
Für Leute die gerne testen,PB Enigma2 Image(beta!).Gibt leider noch kein readme dafür.

DOWNLOAD (http://www.pb-download.com/images/PB_VX_AzboxHD_Beta_20110814.tar.gz)

17-08-11, 22:20
We maded new RTi Core Enigma 2 Image v1.2.1

Image includes some experimental fixes:
-Wlan fixed (tested on premium)
-Ultra fixed
-DVI fixed (at leat at my dvi monitor it works now)
-New keymap added
-New audio decoding approach (please test AAC)

-As MC needs some adaptions this will be released as ipk in the coming days.

You can download it from:


28-08-11, 12:41

Soft to Bravoo + so for this model!!

New model bravoo!!


http://www.herosh.com/download/9706512/Bravoo_.Twin.Sw.sw_osd_two_a_south_america_2.2.101 76.rar.html

24-09-11, 21:22
spzGIT 24/09/11 to test.... Online translator from Spanish, of course...


- Fixed internal WiFi detection
- Arreglado streaming
- Arreglado PicturePlayer
- Added support USB wireless (rt73, rt2870, rt3070, ZD1211B)
- Integrated in the firm's RTi 0.3.2 MediaCenter (NO spzMediaCenter)

Little by little we are laying the foundations of the GIT and is getting closer to that included in the final version of the next SPAZ.

Keep reporting the bugs to try and solve them. Remember that drivers subject of video / audio, SIGMA, etc ... we can not do anything.

As for the USB WiFi drivers I've only been able to test the ZD1211B as it is the usb wifi that I have and it detected no problems.


To download the EPG on Astra D for several days, just put on Channel Home of the platform and leave a few minutes to download the EPG. CrossEPG No need for this.

The .zip file contains:

- Patch.e2 (spzGIT 24/09/11)
- AzUP 2.1.3
- Tutorial Official FW to E2
- Readme.txt

Thank you all!


21-10-11, 23:30
RTi Core v1.3 Enigma 2

What is new?

- Kernel (Linux AZBoxHD #54 PREEMPT Sun Aug 14 02:44:53 CEST 2011 mips GNU/Linux)

- Drivers from 20.10.2011 (Overall performance and stability is better now)

- hdmi standby fix

- audio problem fix (C+Nl)

- scart (analog video out) fix

- add teletext

- Luma Keying add

- New Online Updater

To Load this Enigma2 use AZUp attached together with Enigma 2.


RTi Core v1.3 Enigma 2 (http://www.multiupload.com/WTT5UEC0FH)

24-10-11, 07:46
Power-Board Enigma 2 VX

http://www.pb-powerboard.com/board/uploads/monthly_10_2011/post-19528-0-26856800-1319407494_thumb.jpg (http://www.pb-powerboard.com/board/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_rel_module=post&attach_id=10443)

- public beta 3.3.0 vom 24.10.2011
* based on RTi-core thx to the_ripper and all others

- Power-Board-Center
- one-key HD Skin thx to ravadi

- backup-Manager, addon-Management, spaceviewer, crypt-Display, ... uvm.

Newly listed:
Flash Expander - the possibility of plugins and skins to outsource USB or CF (enlarged DOM)
Camdinstaller - Allows Camd be installed - the Oscam also have the option to install them as stand-alone Camd or as an adjunct to other cam

Included in this post is Stibbich's fstab file, which is something he keeps mentioning, as something that is not quite right with RTi Images, so compare this one with the one you will find in /etc/fstab, guys and use your common sense... or forums, whichever comes first... http://www.azboxhd.es/foro/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif

Download here:


I use JAZUp to flash the rec... Say NO to EXT4, while doing it (untick that option!)!!!

Good luck and do tell what you find...

11-11-11, 18:31

20-11-11, 02:51
RTi Core v1.4 Enigma 2

Drivers of 18.11.2011

Enigma 2 of 18.11.2011

What is new:

- Many changes in smp8634dvb.ko main driver which will result in better overall stabillity, especially on audio part, faster zapping.

- Fixed audio selection in DVB part.

- New Media Center files inside, with new keymap and better support for PCM and RAW over HDMI, added support for some specific divx formats.

- Better support for Teletext and added caching support

- New keymap.xml in Enigma 2 and MediaCenter.



21-11-11, 18:32
RSI E2 0.2 0.2

Second version of RSI E2 for Azbox HD. This E2 RSI image is 100% based on the RTi 1.4.

Skin: PingFlood
Bootlogo: Daconi
Maincode: RTi team
Little code changes: RSi team
Many thanks to all the guys how support us: All members of the RTi team, PingFlood, Daconi, Zeini, Dingo,
Guardian, Brombeer, Ronnie1966, xenobyte and our German friends

Is was nice to meet some of you on the Azbox Hobby Day in Arnhem (The Netherlands) on november 19th 2011.

Last remark, the use of Azbox RSI firmware is for you OWN RISK !

Watching pay-tv without subscription is illegal. Don't kill our hobby !

Download (http://www.rsi-images.org/site/downloads.php?cat_id=5&file_id=19)

26-11-11, 06:21
Atualização Bravoo HD 25/11/2011

04-12-11, 07:08

09-12-11, 08:46
Core v1.5.3 Enigma 2 for AzBox HD Elite, Premium, Premium+ and Ultra

- New driver 863xdvb.ko wit several fix inside of it.

- Fix for EPG

- Fix for RF Mod (Elite/Premium)

- Added Input video scan mode

- Added Interlaced progressive algo

- Revert playing TS file from Media Center to internal E2 Player (Press EPG button, choose which recording you want to play, and press ok. To stop playing press stop button on RCU) (We tested playback of files recorded with Enigma 2!!!!)

- Added new options in A/V settings, related to Input video scan mode and Interlaced progressive algo

- Several small fixes in enigma2 and python


25-12-11, 08:26
Novo Soft Bravoo HD Dec.19_3.2.13429

Novos soft Bravoo HD por trocas de parametros no server

12-01-12, 12:17
New Aunt DUMP LS900HD AzCamd 10.01.1

P / Update your dump if you already have the key AzCamd copy before
in a safe place, after this update to the dump.
OBs. Remember to enter your key after upgrade.
(use DUMP Dongles as with so much Internet and / or two
Systems (together)

(serves 3 to S900HD models)

File name: Azbox Dump LS900HD AZCAND 10-01-12.rar File size: 2.12 MB (http://www.fileserve.com/file/UCNTxM6/Azbox Dump LS900HD AZCAND 10-01-12.rar)

24-01-12, 07:44
soft 30º BravooHD

11-02-12, 19:59
Atualização AzAmerica S920HD 11/02/2012

Principais alterações:
- EMU/IKS/SKS automatic switch.
- Multiple newcamd client.
- PAL-M video output on RCA.
- ADD DiSEqC1.1
- PVR Function.
- BEEP TONE in install menu.
- Add another 8 Favorite groups.
- Some bugs fixed.
- Sobre o áudio em alguns canais HDs, ainda estamos trabalhando.

20-02-12, 18:13
Updates by bootloader + ALLCO
Firmware 5.02b 07.15.2011 younger days (works in silver and black)
Dump the protocol and protocol enabled AZCAMD Twin enabled
organized with favorite day 02/19/2012
You can use as much as sks and azcard

Make updating with Bootloader + allcode
ja and everything working out

01-03-12, 18:16
add more fast to zaping tv in twin mode
azcamd work

File name: Azbox s900 update twin protocol 2802.rar File size: 2.09 MB (http://www.fileserve.com/file/9dqpRWu/Azbox s900 update twin protocol 2802.rar)

04-03-12, 18:26

- Last kernel 2.6.22.
- Last Drivers.
- Wifi fix.
- Updated spzDownloads.
- Added plugin Cronmanager.
- Added new timesleep.
- Added fix on recordings with AZbox not premium+.
- Added plugin spzWeather.
- Added plugin spzRSS.
- Added plugin spzZapHistory.
- Added plugin spzVirtualKeyboard.
- Added plugin AZFrontPanel.
- Added EPG Freesat.
- Fix .ts files on MediaCenter.
- Fix MediaCenter finishing videos.
- Fix MediaCenter deleting files without permissions.
- Other corrections on Skin y E2.

BlindScan will be added in the next release.

We recomend use AZup 2.1.6 to install this FW.

Download AZUp 2.1.6: http://www.spazeteam.eu/site/downloads/?did=6

15-03-12, 16:55
File name: Azbox HD S922 V01 003 Release 120217.zip File size: 1.92 MB (http://www.fileserve.com/file/gJVvxNf/Azbox HD S922 V01 003 Release 120217.zip)

16-03-12, 16:58
File name: Azbox S922 MP 4M ROM 120109.zip File size: 1.81 MB (http://www.fileserve.com/file/3cBkdm7/Azbox S922 MP 4M ROM 120109.zip)

File name: Azbox S922 PC Recovery Tool.rar File size: 178.12 KB (http://www.fileserve.com/file/t3pqUGF/Azbox S922 PC Recovery Tool.rar)

26-03-12, 11:45
File name: Azbox Bravoo+HD Twin Sw sw osd two a south america 2210176.rar File size: 2.13 MB (http://www.fileserve.com/file/qGcnpj8/Azbox Bravoo+HD Twin Sw sw osd two a south america 2210176.rar)

02-04-12, 10:52
*All Tps Amazon added
*All Tps Sky added
*Twin Active Protocol (no need to activate)
*Protocol AzCamd
*Make update as Allcode + Bootloader (before deleting channels)
*Channel Forman excluded (whether you want to do the channel search on TP 11170 V 29900 it appears)

File name: Axbox s900HD v56b AzCamd +FAVORITOS 30-03-12.rar File size: 2.11 MB (http://www.fileserve.com/file/A34SgC6/Axbox s900HD v56b AzCamd +FAVORITOS 30-03-12.rar)

14-04-12, 13:45
AzPlus Mini iBoxHD v1401 Fix 13-04-12

15-04-12, 16:18
DUMP LS900HD Twin AzCand TIA (12/04/12)
Foxi ESP0RT3S and Foxi ESP0RT3S HD

(fits all three models S900)
If you use AZCAND save in a safe place, because when you upgrade to DUMP your key will be erased and will need to enter again.
(If the image does not appear on the screen of your TV press the V-Mode to return)

File name: Azbox Dump ls900HD C2 11-04-12.rar File size: 2.12 MB (http://www.fileserve.com/file/Y9DbjjV/Azbox Dump ls900HD C2 11-04-12.rar)

11-05-12, 05:38
AzAmerica S925 Mini